Cricbet99 Online Id” Tahir: Kuldeep Surges, Chahal Omitted”

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Tahir: Kuldeep Surges, Chahal Omitted


Former South African spinner Imran Tahir sheds light on the surprising absence of Yuzvendra Chahal from the Indian squad, debunking notions of poor form as the reason. Instead, Tahir reveals that Kul-Cha partner Kuldeep Yadav’s stellar performances propelled him into the spotlight, resulting in Chahal’s omission².

The Kul-Cha Dynamic: Imran Tahir’s Revelation:

In a surprising turn of events, Imran Tahir unveils the true reason behind Yuzvendra Chahal’s exclusion from the Indian squad. The rise of Kuldeep Yadav in the pecking order, rather than Chahal’s form, became the determining factor for team selection².

Chahal’s Enigmatic Disappearance: A Cricketing Puzzle:

Yuzvendra Chahal’s absence from India’s limited-overs squad raises eyebrows, resembling the mysterious return of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli to the T20I setup. Once a leading spinner, Chahal faced a downward spiral since August 2022, marking a puzzling chapter in his cricketing journey.

Timeline of Chahal’s Decline: From Asia Cup to World Cup Omissions:

Chahal’s decline began in August 2022, with his omission from the Asia Cup squad. Despite traveling to Australia for the T20 World Cup, he didn’t play a single game. This year, Chahal faced exclusion from the ODI squad, missing the World Cup at home. His last appearance for India dates back to August 2023².

Chahal’s Future Prospects: Imran Tahir’s Optimistic View:

While Chahal’s current status for the T20 World Cup remains unclear, Imran Tahir holds an optimistic perspective. The former South African leg-spinner believes Chahal, a top wrist spinner, will make a comeback in white-ball cricket. However, he acknowledges the challenge as Kuldeep Yadav takes precedence⁴.


Imran Tahir’s revelation offers clarity on Yuzvendra Chahal’s absence from the Indian squad, emphasizing the emergence of Kuldeep Yadav as a key factor. As Chahal’s future in the T20 World Cup squad hangs in the balance, cricket enthusiasts await the unfolding chapters in the dynamic landscape of Indian spin bowling.

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