Cricbet99 Club “Kishan Breaks Silence on Dravid’s Advice”

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In the midst of recent cricketing controversies, Ishan Kishan, the talented wicketkeeper-batsman, finds himself at the center of a storm, responding to Head Coach Rahul Dravid’s statement on the importance of domestic cricket in a player’s selection journey.

The Initial Buzz:

Reports initially surfaced about Kishan’s behavior during his hiatus from the Indian team post the T20I series against Australia in November, leading to raised eyebrows from team management and selectors.

Dravid’s Clarification:

Rahul Dravid stepped in to clarify, denying any disciplinary issues but highlighting Kishan’s request for a break during the South Africa tour. Dravid emphasized the need for Kishan to play domestic cricket for consideration in team selection.

Kishan’s Response:

Breaking his silence, Ishan Kishan took to social media, sharing a video to address the situation. While Dravid insisted there were no disciplinary concerns, Kishan’s video hints at a nuanced perspective.

Jharkhand Dilemma:

Interestingly, Kishan is yet to make himself available for selection in his state team, Jharkhand, raising questions about his commitment to domestic cricket. JSCA secretary Debasish Chakraborty confirmed Kishan’s non-contact regarding availability.

Kohli’s Return and Batting Dynamics:

The return of Virat Kohli to the T20I squad adds another layer to Kishan’s challenges. With Kohli expected to feature in the second game against Afghanistan, the competition for top-order spots intensifies, involving players like Shubman Gill.


As the cricketing saga unfolds, all eyes are on Ishan Kishan’s response and subsequent actions. Will he prioritize domestic cricket as advised by Dravid, or will he navigate a different path to reclaim his spot in the Indian team? The cricketing world awaits the next chapter in this unfolding narrative, keeping the spotlight firmly on the talented wicketkeeper-batsman.

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