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Shubman Gill Criticized for Rash Shot in India vs England Test

Shubman Gill, a promising young batsman for India, faced criticism from former captain Sunil Gavaskar for a disappointing dismissal in the first Test against England.

Gill’s Unfortunate Dismissal

In the Test match held in Hyderabad, Gill, who displayed resilience on the first day and braved through a challenging first hour on day two, fell cheaply. Debutant spinner Tom Hartley caught him at mid-wicket for 23 off 66 balls, leaving spectators and analysts questioning his approach.

Gavaskar’s Critique

Sunil Gavaskar, renowned commentator and ex-captain, expressed disappointment over Gill’s rash shot. He believed Gill squandered his opportunity after laying a solid foundation, emphasizing the need for more caution and patience in shot selection.

Gill’s Struggles in Test Cricket

Despite promising starts, Gill has struggled to convert opportunities into substantial scores in Test cricket. With 10 instances of surpassing the 25-run mark without reaching a half-century, his average remains a modest 20 after 20 matches. His tendency to succumb to loose shots and soft dismissals has been a recurring issue.

India’s Response to Gill’s Dismissal

Gill’s untimely exit added pressure on India, leading to the loss of two more wickets quickly. However, the duo of KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer provided stability with an unbeaten 63-run partnership, steering India to a more favorable position by the end of the first session.


Gill’s dismissal, though disappointing, highlights the challenges young players face in international cricket. With valuable lessons learned, Gill and the Indian team look to bounce back stronger in the ongoing Test series against England.

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