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Tanmay Agarwal’s Record-breaking Triple Century Rocks Arunachal Pradesh

Sensational Batting Display

Hyderabad opener Tanmay Agarwal stole the show with an astonishing triple century, scoring an unbeaten 323 runs off just 160 balls against Arunachal Pradesh in the Ranji Trophy Plate Group match.

Breaking Records

Agarwal’s innings rewrote the record books, as he smashed 26 sixes and 24 fours, setting a new world record for the most sixes in a first-class innings and achieving the fastest triple century in the history of the format.

Turning the Tables

Despite Hyderabad following on after Arunachal Pradesh’s imposing first-innings total of 605 for 9 declared, Agarwal’s explosive batting turned the tide. Hyderabad declared their second innings at 529 for 2, with Agarwal at the helm.

Unmatched Speed

Agarwal’s hundred came in just 48 balls, followed by his double century in 119 balls, and eventually reaching the triple century milestone in a remarkable 147 balls. His rapid scoring surpassed the previous record for the fastest first-class triple century.

Eyeing Recognition

Agarwal’s extraordinary performance has thrust him into the spotlight, catching the attention of selectors and fans alike. With over 4000 runs in 54 matches, including 11 centuries and 19 fifties, Agarwal’s talent is undeniable.


Tanmay Agarwal’s monumental innings against Arunachal Pradesh has not only rewritten record books but also signaled his arrival as a force to be reckoned with in Indian cricket. His breathtaking display of power and skill has left cricket enthusiasts in awe and anticipation for what the future holds for this remarkable talent.

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