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The ongoing first Test match between India and England has witnessed gripping action, with India showcasing their batting prowess on the second day of play. As of the end of the day, India stands strong at 396 runs for 7 wickets in 105 overs, with Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel at the crease.

India’s Strong Start:

Opting to bat first after winning the toss, India made a confident start to their innings. Debutant opener Yashasvi Jaiswal made an impressive 76 runs off 70 balls, setting a positive tone for the team’s batting performance.

Key Contributions:

KL Rahul’s impressive knock of 97 runs further bolstered India’s innings, providing stability at the top of the order. His valuable contribution laid the foundation for India’s commanding position in the match.

Jadeja and Patel Steady the Ship:

As the day progressed, Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel took charge of India’s innings, displaying resilience and determination at the crease. Their partnership aims to solidify India’s position and build a formidable total against the English bowlers.

Summary of Day 2:

India’s decision to bat first proved fruitful as they capitalized on favorable conditions, accumulating runs steadily. The contributions from Jaiswal, Rahul, Jadeja, and Patel highlight the depth and strength of India’s batting lineup.

Outlook for Day 3:

As the match progresses into Day 3, India will look to build on their impressive total and extend their lead against England. The performance of both teams in the upcoming sessions will play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of the match.


Day 2 of the first Test between India and England showcased India’s dominance with the bat, as they amassed a formidable total with contributions from various players. The match remains finely poised, with India holding the advantage heading into the next day’s play.

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