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The cricketing world is abuzz with speculation as Ishan Kishan, the talented Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, remains absent from the Ranji Trophy, despite clear instructions from Head Coach Rahul Dravid. The vacuum created by Kishan’s absence has given rise to discussions about his future in the Indian cricket team, especially in the wake of Sanju Samson’s impactful century against South Africa.

Ishan Kishan’s Unexplained Absence: A Career Conundrum:

Delve into the mystery surrounding Ishan Kishan’s unavailability for Jharkhand in the Ranji Trophy. Explore the potential implications of this absence on Kishan’s career trajectory and the uncertainties it introduces into his standing in the Indian cricket hierarchy.

Sanju Samson’s Heroics: A Statement in the Series Decider:

Shift the focus to Sanju Samson, Kishan’s replacement, and his remarkable performance in the series decider against South Africa. Analyze how Samson’s match-winning century strengthens his case for a consistent place in the Indian cricket team, adding a layer of competition to the wicketkeeper-batsman position.

Dravid’s Perspective: Addressing Kishan’s Absence:

Discuss Rahul Dravid’s recent remarks regarding Ishan Kishan’s absence. Unpack Dravid’s perspective on the situation and its significance in shaping the narrative around Kishan’s commitment to domestic cricket and, consequently, his national team prospects.

The Crossroads for Ishan Kishan: Future Uncertainties:

Reflect on the crossroads in Ishan Kishan’s career journey. Assess the potential impact of his continued absence on his future prospects in the Indian cricket team, considering the competition and emerging alternatives.


As the cricketing community awaits clarity on Ishan Kishan’s situation, Sanju Samson’s stellar performance underscores the competition for a spot in the Indian cricket lineup. The evolving narrative raises questions about Kishan’s commitment to domestic cricket and its bearing on his journey in the national team.

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